Anonymous said: you realize that people having children need jobs so they cant take care of their children right?

People need jobs to NOT take care of children? Damn that’s some rough shit. Wtf are you talking about, you high?



Fucking 9fag, go away

Rapists Say They Rape Because of Mixed Signals, and the Good Men Project Believes Them
A brief summary of the current war waging between the Good Men Project and various feminist blogs, most prominently Feministe:GMP, which markets itself as a progressive website exploring masculinity, recently published two articles giving rapists a chance to tell “their side” of the story. The first rapist’s story was written by his female friend and titled “Nice Guys Commit Rape Too.” The second, penned by the rapist himself, was titled “I’d Rather Risk Rape Than Quit Partying.” GMP did not obtain or publish the victims’ accounts.

So only the girl should get to share their side of the story? I can’t believe how fucking stupid people are. Maybe if girls would stop playing hard to get, and being little whores, people wouldn’t get these mixed signals. It’s fucking stupid when all a girl has to say is that they were raped to get someone arrested. Fuck you.
Women are so lazy. MEN NEED TO BREAK THEIR GENDER ROLES. DON’T LET THESE WHORES MAKE YOU STAY IN THE KITCHEN. You are a beautiful, independent man. All women should work for US. Yea that’s fair, Masculism for life! Were not gonna take shit from you women. !!!!!!!!!!11!!1!1!!one See how annoying this is you cheap, self-serving whores? Stop. Feminism. No. You are wrong.


guys this person reblogging my shit actually said that women should have to tell employers if they are pregnant before they get a job because they might just be trying to reap the benefits from the job and take maternity leave. 


Actually.. People are know to do that. Happened a few times in my mom’s medical practice.

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One of these things just doesn’t belong.

I would honestly hope that you wouldn’t feel that way. I have done nothing wrong to you, it is as simple as that. You had your friend publicly mock me on facebook for apologizing to you.. that made me upset, is that not within reason? You have no reason to treat me like this, to blame this all on me, or to post this picture. I did nothing but, finally after holding it in, telling you how I feel.. This picture is no better then what I said.. and what I said was practically quoting you when you are mad at me “Fuck this, fuck you, I’m done. Good bye.” Except i didn’t say fuck you. Because I would never say that to you.. If you want to be mad at me for caring that you were making fun of me.. go right ahead.. but you are completely in the wrong here, not me.

At least my bed will love me no matter what

I will always love you. You should know that..? I never said that I didn’t love you.. and I never will.
Reblog with the nickname your parents gave you as a child.






Aya literally is my mom’s nickname for me.

Maggie May or Magster

I don’t even know why for the last one. 

Nessa, Nessie, Banessa and, Nessie Banessie

Little shit.

I had a lot. Let’s see: Boo, Boo-Boo, Midget [still calls me that], Child [still calls me that too], anddd there’s more that I’d rather not mention for the sake of my own embarassment


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Bored. Send me ask telling me something to do and I’ll post a picture of me doing it. Be harsh..


Yes, I have the right to say fuck men because of what men have done to me.

And if you think that is me being sexist towards men, then fuck you. 

Is there anything she doesn’t complain about

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To all the douche Politicians (And all other Right wing extremists) You say rape victims should be forced by the government to have their baby? Really? I’m going to rape your daughters, Wives, Sisters, Mom, Aunts, Cousins, Friends.. All so that you have to watch my seed grow inside every post-pubescent girl you care about. And soon my children will rip out of their vagina’s and you will have to watch each and every one of them grow up. Some will be raised by single 14 year old girls. Do you really want this for your daughter?? Poor thing, I’ll tell her. Its okay! If you don’t want it your body can reject the sperm, right? Hmm, blame your daddy sweet pea. It’s not legitimate rape..
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